Meet Dennis

Hi, My name is Dennis and I’m a volunteer with Last Mile Food Rescue. 👋

I’ve been passionate about food rescue most of my life. My Grandparents were Italian immigrants who always had their own garden and fruit trees in their yard. Every summer and fall during harvest time, I’d help gather all the fruits and vegetables. My Grandparents always shared the excess that we didn’t can and store for the winter with friends and neighbors, and I helped deliver them. I remember the joy in the faces of the people especially when my Grandmother would include a loaf of her homemade bread. 

Since my retirement last year I’ve been volunteering at a food pantry and had a chance to see the extent of the food challenges people face. Working with Last Mile gives me the opportunity to continue rescuing excess food and delivering it to organizations in the area that distribute directly to those in need. It reminds me of helping my grandparents deliver food to their friends and neighbors, of course on a much larger scale but also with greater impact to our community.

Dennis: Super Hero Volunteer

Rescues completed: 13
Pounds of food saved: 3,165
Non-profits served: 6