Our Cincinnati Community is Going the Mile!

Written by Co-Founder, Tom Fernandez

I have made a lot of new friends this year.  Here’s just one example.  

Food Rescue Heroes Tom & Gina
Tom & his new friend, Gina, a food rescue hero

Three days before Christmas 2020, I was driving to my new friend Castellini Foods.  I know it seems strange to call a business a “friend” but  that’s how it feels doing a food rescue there. As I was picking up my load of amazing fresh produce, I met another new friend, Gina, a fellow food rescue hero, pulling up beside me to rescue all her great produce (we call our volunteers Food Rescue Heroes).   We both took our food to different organizations that help to feed our community.   In my case, I drove to Our Daily Bread in downtown Cincinnati – yet another new friend. 

That’s how I feel since we launched Last Mile on November 17, 2020 – like I’m making one new friend after another with every rescue completed.

Last Mile is launching not a second too soon. 

The pandemic is causing record hunger, estimated to be up by 50% nationwide, but we also have hope.  The community response to Last Mile Food Rescue is uplifting. Castellini Foods is a great example; they describe our service as a win-win.  Already, others are hearing about us, and asking how they can help.  We are hearing from new food donors, volunteer drivers and new agencies to receive food.  This is what makes our tri-state region so special.  The community is Going the Mile to help our hungry neighbors in need. 

To date, in just 7 weeks, we have already rescued over 60,000 pounds of fresh food from 21 donors, driven by 70 volunteers to 23 non-profit agencies.  

We will exceed our Year 1 goal of 250,000 pounds of food rescued because the Cincinnati community is embracing Last Mile Food Rescue.  

Over the next several months we will continue learning and growing, adding more rescues and volunteers.  It’s going to be an exciting 2021.  I hope you will join us and #GoTheMile.

Want to get involved?

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