Meet Todd: Food Rescue Superhero

“The fact that we have kids going to bed hungry at night and yet fresh food going to the landfill – it just makes my head want to explode. When I heard about Last Mile it was a no-brainer to me.”

Todd Sebastian joined the Food Rescue Heroes team at Last Mile in December of 2020 and has since become a passionate food rescuer & a key leader in developing business strategies with our team. Todd’s expertise & passion are unparalleled. He says his passion for ending food waste comes from childhood. He grew up in a home that never wasted food and has since maintained a strict zero food waste policy in his home

“Literally nothing goes into the garbage,” he says. “It either gets repurposed into another meal – at least 95% of it – or what’s left goes into my compost bin.” So, when Todd’s friend, Bill, told him about Last Mile, it just seemed like the perfect fit.

In addition to rescuing food, Todd has offered his expertise in executing a great business plan for Last Mile through his business, LINK Training & Consulting. Todd started the company with a desire to work with businesses that he personally connects with and wants to see succeed. He offers exemplary training and consulting in business strategy, branding, marketing, and client relationships for clients across the country. Todd has offered his time to work with our board on multiple committees to get Last Mile set up in the best possible position to succeed in our first year of business.

“Todd’s passion to minimize food waste combined with his clear thinking business strategy has added significant value to Last Mile.”

Bill Goldberg, LMFR board member

When Todd is not rescuing food, you might catch him visiting his favorite spot at Findlay Market – Harmony Plant Fare – catching a PGA Golf tournament or cheering on his favorite team – UConn Basketball. His favorite no-waste recipes are steamed wontons, dumplings, or soup. 

If you’re interested in learning more about LINK Training & Consulting, you can visit their website here.