we go
the mile

We’re on the road to rescue fresh
food and get it to those who
need it most.


We fight food waste

40% of all food that is produced is wasted

Powered by Food Rescue Hero

1 in 5 people are food insecure in Cincinnati

We protect the environment

Decomposing food in landfills releases harmful methane gas that fuels climate change

Powered by Food Rescue Hero

how we

Mobilize Volunteers

We link individuals like you to our volunteer driven food transport network within greater Cincinnati.

Rescue Good Food

Next, we rescue unsellable, yet fresh food that would otherwise wind up in a landfill.

Deliver to Nonprofits

Then, we deliver to organizations that serve those experiencing food insecurity right here in our Greater Cincinnati community.

More About How

Pounds of Food Rescued:


ready to go
the mile?

Every community needs change-makers. With Last Mile Food Rescue, you have the power to make a critical difference right at your fingertips. Be one of many food rescue heroes on the road, taking food to those who need it most. All you need is passion, an appetite for impact, and our app!

Download the app, find a match, and discover what happens when you Go The Mile.

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