Welcome Moxie

Have you ever had the feeling that something was just meant to be? When I opened an email from someone applying for the Dispatcher role at Last Mile Food Rescue, I definitely got that feeling. It is pretty rare to find someone so suited for a role through a job board. But there was my ideal candidate in black and white – with a really cool first name!

Moxie – Energy, Courage, Determination, Know-How! Just what we needed at Last Mile Food Rescue.

Moxie hails from sunny Florida where she learned about hunger insecurity at a young age at by volunteering at Bread of the Mighty Food Bank. After attending high school in India, she started to see disparities and inequity – specifically in income, opportunities, and food security all around her.

She returned to Florida where she worked at Bread of the Mighty Food Bank while earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Florida. While at UF, Moxie learned about the impact of education on generational poverty and how opportunities for children in the United States vary vastly depending on the zip code in which they live.

Moxie’s passion is in alleviating communities out of generational poverty and providing equitable opportunities and access to all communities. She joined Teach for America to serve as a middle school STEM teacher in Dayton, Ohio and then served as the operations manager of Teach for America Southwest Ohio.

In between these two roles, Moxie was Community Partnership Manager at Freestore Food Bank where she developed relationships with pantries, soup kitchens and other programs to help them increase their capacity and reduce the meal gap in Hamilton County.

Moxie is excited to use her background in food insecurity and non-profit operations in this new role as Food Dispatcher and we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team.

Welcome Moxie!