New Year, New Opportunities to Get Involved

Last year at Last Mile, we accomplished many great things with the help of our Food Rescue Heroes. With over 800 volunteers, we completed 13,000 food rescues and rescued over 2.3 million pounds of food. Together, we have made a direct impact on food insecurity and food waste in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  

This year, Last Mile’s goal is to rescue 3.5 million pounds of food. Of course, we need your help to claim food rescues and deliver to our non-profit partners. However, there are more ways to get involved in the fight against food insecurity and food waste: donate to food pantries, use leftovers, make grocery lists to help prevent over-buying and over-spending.  

In 2023, our goals are getting bigger. Last Mile is expanding north and east. We are to grow to a staff of 10 to ensure our goals are met. We will also need another 500 Food Rescue Heroes, or volunteers, this year to help get food to those who need it most.  

Benefits of Being a Food Rescue Hero  

In Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky alone, 270,000 people face food insecurity. This is due to food desserts affecting portions of the Greater Cincinnati area and rising food costs due to inflation.  

Being a Food Rescue Hero is about serving your community on your schedule. Set aside an hour or two and claim a rescue on your time, ahead of time. Add the rescue time slot to your calendar, and build the rescue into your schedule. Bring your family, or enjoy some alone time and feel good about fighting food insecurity and food waste.  

Eileen, COO of Last Mile Food Rescue & Patty Leesemann, Head of Philanthropy at Kroger 

Become a Food Rescue Hero!  

To learn more about what we do, visit our YouTube channel or our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn! Download the app and start rescuing food and getting it to those who need it most!