food insecurity & waste

Why go the extra mile?
Because we’re hungry for change.

who goes

270,000 people

That’s how many of our neighbors face food insecurity in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, including more than 80,000 children. Our region’s food banks, shelters and pantries are already making a critical difference in fighting food insecurity. But there’s still a gap between the amount of meals these organizations provide and feeding all those who are in need.

At least 17 million meals are needed to feed our neighbors fighting food insecurity.

Over 40% of food produced gets tossed while 1 in 5 people go hungry.

a waste

Despite high numbers OF PEOPLE with food insecurity, huge amounts of good, fresh, surplus food from places like grocery stores, hotels, convenience stores, food distributors and corporate cafeterias gets dumped every day.

Wasting food wastes the water, land, energy and other resources needed to produce it. And when food is left to decompose in a landfill, it releases toxic methane gas, a greenhouse gas that fuels climate change.

62 million tons of food ends up in landfills every year.

Connecting the dots with food rescue

That’s where we come in with the network and technology to connect good food with our neighbors who are food insecure. Now we just need you! When you help, you’re doing more than rescuing food–you’re rescuing people in our own city. Learn how you can help fight hunger and food waste now.

How You Can Help