a food donor

Make Your Extra Food Go Extra Far

The last mile in rescuing good food begins with our Food Donors. From food distributors and grocery stores with good meat, dairy or produce that’s reached its expiration date to local event centers and companies with meals leftover from events or corporate luncheons, every donation partner has the power to make a huge impact.

COVID Policy:

Please refer to the link below for updated COVID-19 procedures.

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Donate Food

If you have any questions about donating food, please contact us at [email protected].


If you are a UDF store looking to schedule a one-time pick up,

please fill out the form here.

Food Donation Policies

Please see below for our general policies on accepted food. You can read more about Food Safety & your protection as a donor under the Good Samaritan Act here.

We accept:

  • Produce – whole and uncut, or cut & stored according to ServSafe guidelines
  • Meat that has been frozen by or before its expiration date
  • Dairy that is within one week of its expiration date.
  • Unopened packaged food such as cheese, lunch meat, bread, and dry goods
  • Prepared food from a commercial kitchen that has been kept according to ServSafe guidelines
  • Non-food – we accept some non-food donations. Please contact us to learn more.

We do NOT accept:

  • Food from personal households
  • Food that has been served on a buffet
  • Food that is overly stale or shows signs of mold or rot
  • Meat that has been thawed & refrozen
  • Opened and partially used boxes or bags of food
  • Alcohol