UDF Rescues

What to expect:

UDF Rescues can vary significantly from store to store and from day to day. We pick up milk, ready-to-eat food like sandwiches, and doughnuts from UDFs.


Call before you go.

Always call your UDF before you leave your home or office to confirm they have a donation. If they don’t have anything to donate, shoot us a text to let us know and then complete the rescue by clicking through the screens and marking zero for all the quantities. If you need assistance doing this, check out this short tutorial for how to mark a “no donation” on UDF rescues.


Check in with the clerk.

All UDFs have you go up to the clerk at check out, let them know that you’re here to pick up a food donation, and then they’ll bring the food out to you. They often just bring it to the counter, but if you need help loading up, just ask!


Consider bringing boxes.

Lastly, though they do provide milk cartons to carry your product out, they like you to return these within a week to any UDF. If you’d rather not have to deal with that, we recommend bringing your own plastic tubs to help transport the food and milk.

Check out some photos!

As you can see here, rescues vary in size depending on the day and location! When you call ahead you can also ask how much they have so that you’re prepared for what you’re picking up.

Questions about returning milk crates, reporting quantities, or more? Check out our FAQs page!

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