Ready. Set. Drive.

Everything you need to know
as a Food Rescue Hero

Getting Started

Before Your First Rescue


1. Download the app.


2. Complete the 10-min safety training.


3. Watch the 90-second app tutorial:



More Questions?


Check out our YouTube channel

& FAQs page!

"Getting food from places with excess food to those without enough food is a critically important task made extremely easy with the Last Mile app."
- Doug Stuckey

"Quick and easy. It felt great to play a small role in addressing a big need."
- Clyde Gray

Choosing Your Rescue

Debating on a route? Click through the below links to read more about each type of rescue.

UDF – 30-minute rescues, small car
Kroger – 60 to 90-minute rescues, medium to large car
Restaurants – 30 to 45-minute rescues, small car
Stadiums – 45-minute rescues, small to medium car
Castellini – 60-minute rescues, medium car (sedan with empty back seat)
Pantry Rescues – various

Looking for more? Check out our YouTube channel to watch tutorials about how to use the app & watch some videos following Food Rescue Heroes on their routes!


"Easy and rewarding! The app is very user friendly and super efficient."
- Tom Schmidt

Still not sure?

Shadow someone on a rescue! We have regular Food Rescue Heroes who are happy to walk you through your first rescue. Schedule one with us:

Shadow a Rescue